Standard Euro Cylinders Vs Anti-Snap Euro Cylinders

With a growing concern for Home security, it is always good to be up to date with the latest locks on the market. Over the last few years, there have been an increasing number of break-ins by Lock snapping.
What is lock snapping?
Lock snapping is where a barrel lock is snapped cleanly in half where the securing screw is. Lock snapping exposes the locking cam and makes it easy for a burgular to gain entry to your property.
How do I prevent this from happening to me?
The quickest and cost effective way to prevent someone gaining entry to your property is to upgrade your existing lock to an anti-snap or snap secure euro cylinder. 
What’s makes an anti-snap or snap safe euro cylinder more secure than a standard euro cylinder?
On an anti-snap or snap safe euro cylinder, there is a sacrificial part of the barrel that will break off if a burglar tries to snap your lock. His will snap off far enough inside the door that they shouldn’t be able to get a grip on the remaining cylinder to snap it where the locking cam is, thus deterring the intruder and making it difficult to gain entry.

Door & Window Security

Break-ins and thefts are typical risks facing nearly all premises, and it is essential to have a suitable level of security to all external doors and windows. There are a huge selection of locks produced these days, ranging from bog standard security, to british standard, to 3 star diamond security.
With this in mind it is essential to weigh up what level of security you should have on your property. If you keep high quality and high cost goods on site, it is wise to ensure you have atleast british standard locks fitted to each external door and window. All british standard locks have a kitemark symbol printed into the lock that looks like this.
British Standard locks go through rigorous testing to ensure they are up to a good security standard and are theft proof. A growing amount of home insurance companies now require your home to have BS3621 locks fitted to all external doors It is good to know if you have these locks fitted as it can also give you a big discount on with some home insurance companies.

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